In our healthcare website design company we create beautiful, functional websites that serve the conversion purpose and also look great. We work with you to circumscribe your goals and then help you achieve them through effective website.

89 percent of consumers shop with competition after a poor user experience

Get More Business From Your Website​​​

Your website plays a vital role in all your online works, whether it is SEO, PPC, social media, or any digital marketing, as most of all drives traffic to the website.

It is the foundation for all your success in the digital world. And our healthcare website design company help you build a strong base with our SEO-optimized website development.

Our healthcare website designer carefully analyze your service and design an optimized website to get you the best ROI. We also ensure the final deliverables will meet all your goals.

Our healthcare website design & development package includes everything you need to get your business online.

We set a goal and achieved it through a strategically made bespoke website. For example, if getting more appointments is your goal, we analyze your target audience and perform conversion rate optimization to strategize all the elements that the audience wants to book an appointment with you.

How Can A Website Help Your Healthcare Business Grow?​​​

Having a website can be the difference between success and failure for any healthcare businesses. Whether you are a local business or global corporation, it does not matter if you are selling products or services; having an online presence is essential for your continued success.

A website is the building block of an online business. Your site acts as a facility unit, where people can find out who you are, what you do, and how they can get in touch.

There are so many things need to be considered when you start your first healthcare website design, but there are also many advantages that come with having one. You’ll be able to tell potential audience about your services, show off your product or service and give them all the contact details they need if they’re interested in visiting you.

Are You Ready For A Better, More Productive healthcare Business?​​​

Get your website designed by Digital OZO, healthcare website design company where you find answers for all your web needs.

Digital OZO Healthcare Website Design Company Process​​​

We take a holistic approach for web design for healthcare, which means that we are not just thinking about how your website looks but also how it performs. Unfortunately, people think of the aesthetic part of web design while completely forgetting about function.

As a result, many healthcare websites have terrible user experiences for mobile users. The website looks fine on a desktop computer, but users cannot book appointments with an ease on their phones or tablets.

It’s time you started thinking beyond aesthetics and began focusing on the user experience. We have move away from designing individual pages and start creating experiences, which will make a better relationship with your target audience.

Here is the step-by-step process we follow to build your website from scratch.

The detailed planning before designing a website helps us to get it perfect. We include goal analysis, target audience, competitor analysis, and SEO audit services in our Website Design package.

Every website creation has a set of goals involved. Whether it’s to get more traffic, increase sales, or raise conversions, we design every page on your website to work towards helping you achieve those goals.

For example, you may want to include an easy-to-use contact form or even an online chat system so that people can quickly get in touch with you. This way, they don’t have to call or email you and spend time waiting for your reply. Also, you can collect those leads and send them through a clear conversion funnel that will eventually end in an order page.

We analyze all these researches and findings to develop your website easier and more effectively.

A design without a plan can be just as bad as a plan without a website. To solve it, we first make a wireframe blueprint for your website’s layout and functionality.

It is the foundation of every great user experience, making them an essential part of your website design.

Our UI/UX expert used the wireframes to convey the structure of your website to you and the developer. The purpose of creating these wireframes is to get everyone on board with what will eventually become a reality.

Next is to make a prototype, a simple version of the website that shows how it works. Prototypes are an excellent way to test out the functionality of our design before making your final website.

This way, we can gain your feedback and refine your design before the launch!

Our website development package includes content strategy & review, basic keyword research & selection, and an SEO-optimized website.
You already know that search engines like Google and Bing use your page text to determine how relevant your site is for any given search query by your target audience. To rank into the search engine, we write SEO-optimized content on your website.
Not only to the search engine, but we leverage the power of your website to create quality content that attracts and engages visitors.
We write and optimize the website content from 500 to 2000 words as per the package you choose. The average Google first page result contains 1,447 words of content. So, the website’s overall SEO-optimized content strongly correlates with higher rankings.
We develop your website on the WordPress CMS website management and publishing system. A content management system (CMS) is a website platform that allows website owners to edit content easily after the development.
We install and set up plugins in WordPress to build your website more effectively and achieve the design in the prototype.
Once we develop the website and populate the content, we go for the testing phase.
We run a few tests on the website before the launch to ensure your website performs at its best.
Following are some of the tests we perform:
~ Browser Testing
~ Usability Testing
~ Responsive Design Testing
~ Speed Testing
~ Broken Link Testing
~ Performance Testing
~ Security testing
Once we perform all the tests on your website, then we will go live. In the future, we will also give an additional service of website maintenance.
In website maintenance, we keep your website theme, PHP, and plugin up-to-date. Also, we take some steps to keep your website secure.

What Does Our Healthcare Website Design & Development Include?​​​

Our healthcare website design company keep all the important aspect in every packages when building a website, especially for your healthcare brand, which will be the face of your company on the Internet.

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All in one Website design & Development

There are an estimated 64 million websites currently using WordPress.

WordPress Website Development Services​​​

We build your website using WordPress CMS (content management system).

Why WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) in use today, with over 64 million websites using it every month. Being the CMS of 39.4% of the entire web, it’s very functional and highly customizable. That count continues to grow each year, and we will build your website with the best in the industry.

Our healthcare website designers create custom WordPress websites for your business using CMS’s best theme and plugins available for your healthcare niche.

With this CMS, we can make it easier to keep your business site up-to-date with all the latest features and contents.

Using WordPress offers many benefits and has a host of features that allow you to showcase your products or services, engage with customers, and share data.

50% of consumers believe that website design is crucial to a business’s overall brand.

Bespoke Website Design​​​

Digital OZO is a full-service healthcare website design company focusing on delivering bespoke websites for you. Our design is 100% tailored to your business needs.

We build bespoke websites for clients with various business goals and objectives. Our primary focus is to deliver effective solutions to engage users, increase sales and grow.

You probably have an idea of what you want your website to do — and we help you get there.

Of course, sometimes, we will help you decide on your goals or how you can use your websites to accomplish them.

Typically our healthcare website designer creates a wireframe and prototype before building your website. So, you get to see precisely how your website would look and feel before it is built. And we can get your feedback and make it suit your goal. With that, with the help of a Content Management System, like WordPress, you can do a little change if you want in the future.

With a bespoke website, you can achieve a unique and professional design that is only made for your business to solve your problems and meet your goals.

An increase in site loading speed from 8 to 2 seconds can boost your visitors’ conversion rate to customers by 74 percent.

Speed Optimized Website​​​

Our healthcare website developer makes sure to provide you with a Speed-Optimized Website, one of the main factors for your website’s success.

But, what is a speed-optimized website? And why do you need it?

Speed is a critical factor in SEO. Website performance affects the bounce rate and time on site, and subsequently Google’s ranking factors like page loading speed and mobile-friendliness. The average page load speed is 2.5 sec, with 53% of users abandoning a site if your website takes more than 3 sec to load.

In our healthcare website design company, we understand that visitors can leave and go to your competitor’s website if your site takes too long to load. They are likely not to come back. A slow page can reduce your conversion rate by 7%. Hence, we build your website smoothly with no lagging or stalling loading times.

Many things can slow down your website and make it less user-friendly, such as too much codes, images, plugins, scripts running in the background, or lag from multiple users accessing your website at once. Fortunately, our healthcare website design agency know how to improve these elements and speed up your website.

The advantage of website speed optimization

Mobile devices generated 54.8 percent of global website traffic.

Mobile Optimized Website​​​

With more people using the Internet from their smartphones, we must make sure your website looks good on those smaller screens.

We build and test your website with the most popular smartphone screen sizes so it will look at its best across all of them.

Google Mobile Algorithm Update has also made it clear that mobile-friendly websites rank better in mobile SERPs.

Hence, the responsive design built by our website designer will also help your business rank higher in search engine results and support your SEO efforts.

Another benefit to getting a mobile-optimized healthcare website is the increased site traffic and conversion rates. According to recent research, over 51% of all online activity comes from mobile devices.

Your mobile-optimized website will provide a more streamlined and user-friendly experience for your target audience. And you could get much traffic from potential customers looking for information about your business using a phone or tablet device’s browser.

Our responsive website design will give you a competitive edge in today’s market. And become an excellent way for you to capture a large audience on their devices.

The advantage of a mobile-optimized website

68% of online experiences begin with a search engine

SEO Optimized Website​​

In Digital OZO, our healthcare website designer designs and develops SEO-optimized websites for your business.

SEO is the most effective way to achieve ranking and traffic on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. SEO services can help you increase your audience reach and lead generation.

We provide technical SEO service with every website design package. With technical SEO, we make the base set-up of SEO for your website, which helps to comply with all the technical ranking factors of search engines.

Here are the technical SEO optimizations which Digital OZO website developer will do for your for free

Our SEO-optimized website gives search engine robots a roadmap to crawl and index to boost their website ranking.

Moreover, we also provide the complete SEO service package (Local SEO, On-page SEO, and Off-page SEO) to make your website rank higher in search engines.

82 percent of consumers feel more positive about a company after reading custom content.

Website Copywriting​​

Before your patient visits you, they need information. They will research your healthcare company to see if you are trustworthy and capable of delivering on your promises.

In our healthcare website design agency, we also have an experienced content writers to back you up to help your brand stand out with quality website copywriting.

It is vital to your business’s success. Excellent writing will increase your website’s conversion rate and generate more leads.

Your website is your online store, virtual brochure, and the primary means of introducing yourself to potential customers. Great copywriting turns this platform into an effective salesperson for you, converting browsers into buyers.

To do this properly, we make your website easy to read and navigate to communicate with your audience.
We do that best by creating different content for different pages on the site. This can be done by categorizing each page to focus on delivering one message.

We take an active part in the copywriting process of each page to ensure that your website is optimized for conversion. This assures that your target audience understands what you do at a glance.

There are several stages of the buyer’s journey, which is why you must give your audience different types of content. You should provide them with product or service information, educational materials, and other valuable content that addresses your visitors’ needs at every stage of the buying process.

Our team of content writers creates engaging content for your target audience to retain them throughout the funnel in our Content Marketing service.

There are Over 70,000 Websites Blacklisted By Google Every Week

Secure WordPress Website​​

WordPress is a fantastic website builder. However, WordPress websites are also one of the most attacked sites on the Internet. If your website hosts sensitive data, you need to ensure that it is secure enough for customers to feel relaxed sharing their personal information.

Despite what we have stated, WordPress is not inherently insecure. The problem is that WordPress was designed to be an open platform that anyone can use to build a website. As a result, it’s always been susceptible to malicious attacks due to many people using it and the plugins they install.

We perform all the best ways to safeguard your WordPress website that will help protect your website from being hacked.

Other Website Services​​

We provide a range of web development services to help your business flourish. These include:

Website Re-Design​​

A website redesign can significantly impact your revenue and lead generation strategy.

A recent study found that a poorly designed or outdated website can cause a 20% reduction in conversion rates. While it may be tempting to overlook your website when you’re busy running a business, it plays an integral role in meeting your sales goals.

Our highly skilled developers redesign your website to improve it and turn it into a more modern, fresh, engaging, and converting website.

With a well-designed, fully responsive website, we can increase your traffic and conversion rates, as well as make your brand more appealing and professional.

Landing page design is a critical aspect of every marketing campaign for capturing leads on the Internet.

This page is your opportunity to convert visitors into leads or sales by giving them a specific call to action.

Our developer in Digital OZO creates a well-designed landing page that is clear, concise, and consistent with your brand. We optimize your landing page effectively – whether it’s signing up for your newsletter, downloading an ebook, or buying a product.

Our experts will ensure every element on the page is maximized for conversion while still providing valuable content to your visitors. Using powerful lead generation tools that allow us to increase our customers.

Landing Page Or Funnel​​

Website Monthly Care​​

You can easily get lost in the maze of updating themes, plugins, PHP, WordPress, or content. With our website maintenance service, we manage your WordPress website, so you can focus on running your business instead of stressing over technical issues.

In Digital OZO, we also offer a monthly care service for your ease. We perform regular backups, security checks, and updates, plus a range of additional features such as domain name management and resolving all the technical errors in your website.

Are You Ready For A Better, More Productive Business?​​​

If you’re looking for a professional website designer who makes your website look great online, then get in touch today!

Here Are Few Reasons Why You Should Use Digital OZO As Your Website Development Agency​​​

Our WordPress web design agency developed a sales-specific website

In Digital OZO, the websites are designed to capture and turn leads into customers. It is an excellent way for businesses to focus on one goal – generate leads – and ensure that the rest of your website is built around that objective.

We are There for Ongoing Maintenance and Updates

Our team will be in charge of the maintenance and updates for your site. We offer a free three-month maintenance contract with our customers. This ensures that you won't have to worry about maintaining your website when we're done with it. You can focus on improving it instead!

We develop a secure website.

We provide you with the best security measures to protect your website. For every business, a secure WordPress website is a necessity. It not only guarantees the security of customer data and information but also represents your company's credibility and professionalism.

Integrate a CRM and Marketing Tool to Your New Website

We connect your website with your various marketing tools and automate as much as possible.
This integration will streamline your entire marketing efforts and make them more efficient. It will help you track and manage a database of contacts, opportunities, accounts, and activities vital for any campaign. This way, you'll be able to track results and optimize your approach accordingly.

Website Design FAQ

The cost of a website varies greatly depending on the complexity. A simple brochure-style site could be as cheap as $299, whereas an eCommerce site with advanced features could cost $10,499 or more to develop.
It depends on what you want, but you can be confident that we provide the most excellent possible value for money and not break the bank.
As each website is unique, we urge that you contact us for the lowest price! We may create exceptional web design pricing specifically for you!

Although the customer requires the pace of the project, we strive for a six to the eight-week turnaround time on average. The amount of feedback you can provide early on, your availability for comments, and the speed with which the content is ready to influence the completion time. Functionality needs may also be a consideration – more complex sites may take longer to develop.

We do revamp existing websites. We make your website more user-friendly for your visitors. We rebuild your website using current design trends to provide you with a better web experience. Your website makeover may make it seem more professional and contemporary and make it easier for people to browse.

Mobile-friendly websites are here to stay. And we, at Digital OZO, have devised a solution that makes your site mobile responsive, as well as adhering to all quality standards for making your site SEO friendly and quick loading.
Our team of professionals collaborates to create the website under the criteria published by Google and other key search engines to achieve maximum ranking when the site goes live. Our web designers have been designing websites for many years and understand exactly what it takes to create a successful website. So, if you’re searching for a complete bundle with an eye-catching style and excellent functioning, look no further.

We’ll need a domain name and hosting set up for your website. If necessary, we can recommend the fastest hosting provider and assist you in deciding on a domain name.
Along with website design and development, Digital OZO can offer you Logo, SEO, and Content services.

We like to work on a 30% advance basis, with 30% payable when the drawings are agreed upon and the remaining 40% payable once the development is completed and approved.
You will receive three design revisions and three development revisions.
To lower your risk, if you are still dissatisfied with the website after the adjustments, you are not forced to pay the remaining 40%. So you don’t have to be concerned about the website; you’ll receive what you like.

Yes! We create logos, business cards, flyers, brochures, stationery, banners, and much more to assist you in developing your brand.

Yes, we can convert your website into WordPress. We will assist you with migrating all of your existing site’s content and settings to our new WordPress platform. You will be able to visit the new site’s backend, where you will have complete control over everything, including design, content, and more.
For this type of job, we provide a free consultation. When you contact us, we’ll go over all of the specifics of your website conversion project and give you a free consultation report. We may go to the next level and build your website if you like it.

We like to write the content for the website from the ground up, with input from the clients. It will assist us in adding optimal content, which will help the website rank higher in search engines. However, suppose the customer wishes to submit content. In that case, we recommend that they do so once the design has been finalized, since the sooner we receive the information, the sooner we can optimize it (if necessary) and begin developing the website.
As per the graphic design concern, we prefer getting genuine photographs from the customer since it adds to the website’s uniqueness. However, if actual pictures are not available, we still have stock images available for usage.

As we get closer to the launch date, our manager will lead you through the process of learning how to utilize your site. We wait until your site is nearly finished so you can learn how to use the CMS and make changes to the backend of your actual website! We’ll also videotape this instruction so you may watch it afterward.

Still Have A Question About Our Website Development Project? ​​​

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